Write about not being able to write, blocked …etc. Or just start writing and see what happens.

James Beine
3 min readSep 29, 2021


Ok, seriously. I’m in a bit of a rough spot. Generally, I consider myself creative. But lately, I’ve so many irons in the fire I find it hard to take the time to write. And when I sit down forcing myself there it is. The block.

Yep, the block. Like a lump of lead. Heavy and immoveable.

And all the creativity, and the reading, and the inspirational reading just adds to the insanity. Just what I need something else to do. Nope, not really.

So then I ask. Why is it so important? Why write at all? But that answer just compounds my issue. Somewhere along the way, I managed to convince myself that I actually enjoy this. And I am really hard on myself, supercritical in fact when I fail to write.

I wonder how many novice writers that write purely for the pleasure of writing actually feel this way. Oh, wait. But it's true I have an ulterior motive. This is that this is supposed to be professional and helpful and super meaningful; to my small group of readers interested in recruiting and the state of the job market today.

Hmm Okay.

The state of the Job Market. Well, it's not the economics of the world that ultimately influences the job market of today.

Yes, I said it. Some will argue. Many will simply disagree. Here’s my take… today’s job market is influenced mostly by the human condition. Much of it is seriously rhetoric. Attitude is everything. Really.

I talk to hundreds of people a week. Seriously. And I see it all. Everything from people downsized and laid off. To be fired for failure to produce profits. To people quitting their jobs to chase other ambitions. To people happily and quite gainfully employed and really not interested or frankly petrified of the thought of changing companies. Then there are the positive ones. Outgoing and bright. talented and interested in going the distance. Open to new adventures. Always keeping an eye out for a positive move in the proverbial game.

So what’s it all mean? Well yes economy matters, but it's not the driving force of anything. Attitude and other variables weigh more. Take buying stock as an example. When is the best time to buy stock? Well, again many will disagree, saying you buy a company when it's on the move to higher profits and sell before it's done moving, Others will tell you buying a good stock when it's on the down and holding out for the proverbial return to brighter days pays better. What is your opinion? A what makes a company a good company?

And there you have it. Opinion. My take on the job market is that each person sees the job market differently through the lens of his or her own conscious state of mind filtered by his or her imagination and mostly by his or her own attitude.

Attitude is everything. It’s the magical ingredient to success. And that is my instant cure for writer’s block and whatever state of mind you may have regarding your job market. Regardless of your perspective, recruiter, employer, or candidate. Today’s job market is what you make it. Be negative in your approach and you will get negative results. Be positive and you will get positive results.

Make today your best day yet. Check the lens you use to view the world. Pick the filter you choose to view the world. And be in control of your future.

Thanks for reading. What’s your cure for writer's block? And what do you think of today’s Job Market?

James Beine

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